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The concept of VR is simple in notion but complex in practice—replicate an environment and enable the viewer to feel immersed in it through visual and/or audio sensory experiences. In its infancy, due to the lack of immersive 360 capture imaging devices, VR was limited to imagined or computer generated environments. These experiences, though novel, were still lacking in the realism required to feel present in the virtual space.

Virtual Reality videos are immersive video content accessed through the use of virtual reality headsets. Unlike the ordinary videos, virtual reality videos create in illusion of the user being part of the video through the rendition of 3D images. The viewing of such videos is not restricted to computer or television screens and depending on the video or the kind of content being watched, the user can also interact with the video.

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We are pleased to present to you some of the finest locations in New York City's Central Park , that will provide the perfect atmosph...


We are pleased to present to you some of the finest locations in New York City's Central Park, that will provide the perfect atmosphere for having your wedding event and capturing amazing wedding photographs. Also we will sample some positive tips on "How to Show Appreciation For A Successful Marriage Life!"

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New York is well known to be one of the most popular cities in USA, it takes pride in it's array of attractive locations for all sorts of visitors, and one of such locations is the Central Park. This is a unique eye-catching location in the heart of Manhattan, popular for it's benefits for organizing wedding ceremonies and picnics, offering tourists the atmosphere they crave for, and an abundance of beautiful atmosphere for capturing amazing photographs. Are you looking to add something special to your wedding in New York? Then Central Park has just what you need, because it's park areas are full of romance and beauty, providing the perfect setting to walk down the aisle.
Here are some of the finest New York's Central Park Locations that we recommend, and you're welcomed to have your beautiful ceremony in any location of your choice.

Fun Loving Couple.
WEST DRIVE BOAT LANDING is located at the shoreline of the lake in Central Park, NYC. It offers a beautiful atmosphere for all your events and an open view of Bow bridge, providing the much needed shelter, outdoor beauty for capturing amazing photographs and enjoying your wedding event ceremony.
 Expressions of appreciation are essential to a successful marriage. Many husbands and wives, however, stop noticing their partner’s good traits, much less expressing appreciation for them. In the book Emotional Infidelity, one counselor observes that many couples who see him “are much more concerned with what is not happening [in their marriage] than with what is. They’re in my office to tell me what needs to change, not what needs to stay the same. The mistake every one of these couples makes is that they fail to show love through appreciation.”
Feeling Deep Love For Each Other.
 GAPSTOW BRIDGE is a  beautiful, schist bridge located at 62nd street and curving beautifully over the neck of the Pond at 59th street. Gapstow is one of the awesome bridges of Central Park despite being the second bridge in the park. The bridge offers great opportunities to capture amazing photographs and enjoy the beauty of nature. Facing south the famous Plaza Hotel can be seen and the awesome New York Skyscrapers can be  seen also from above the parks trees.
Expressions of appreciation can offset marital stress. When a husband and wife make an effort to notice and acknowledge each other’s good qualities, their relationship typically improves. Even severe tension can be alleviated when spouses feel appreciated by each other.
Beautiful Bride Eagerly Yearning To Meet Her Handsome Groom.
LADIES PAVILION IN CENTRAL PARK is a beautiful secluded quiet spot perfect for enjoying family picnics and gatherings,tourist site seeing, wedding events, and boosting with alot of attractive views; it offers just the perfect spot for capturing amazing photographs on your big day. This beautiful spot is located on the 77th street on the west drive side of the park.
For wives
. “Many women tend to overlook the incredible pressure there is on men to provide for their families,” says the aforementioned book, Emotional Infidelity. In some societies, that pressure may even exist in dual-income families.
The Bride Feels So Excited On Her Big Day.
CHAMBERS LANDING IN CENTRAL PARK  is a beautiful secluded spot by the lake with an amazing view of the New York Skyline. It's just a few steps away from the Ladies Pavilion, it offers amazing variety of opportunities for your photographer to capture stunning and amazing images of all your special moments, providing just the perfect atmosphere to enjoy wonderful moments with your guests and the beauty of nature.
For husbands.
Men often underestimate a wife’s efforts to support the household, whether through working, raising children, or homemaking. Fiona, who has been married for about three years, says: “We all make mistakes, and when I do, I feel bad about myself. So when my husband tells me I’ve done well at something around the house—for example, with chores—I realize that he still loves me despite my flaws. I also feel supported and happier about myself!”
Smiles On Their Faces As They Enjoy Quality Time Together.
BELVEDERE CASTLE IN CENTRAL PARK is one of the beautiful and famous visitor centers in Central Park, New York, a fanciful castle with Central Park views. Belvedere Castle offers so much beautiful opportunities for capturing amazing photographs.It's balconies ,beautiful and famous landmarks provides the perfect environment to create stunning wedding photoshoots.
In contrast,
when a spouse feels taken for granted, it can threaten the very integrity of a marriage. “When you don’t feel appreciated by your spouse,” says a wife named Valerie, “it’s easy to be drawn to someone who does make you feel appreciated.”
Very Interesting and Funny Couple...Enjoying Fun Moments Together.
So Celebrate Your New York City Wedding in Central Park, and enjoy the beauty of nature and a perfect atmosphere for capturing amazing photographs of your special day.
Be observant and always give praise generously.
Husbands and wives who express appreciation for each other strengthen their relationship. “I believe that many marriages could be saved if spouses kept to the fore what they like about each other,” says a husband named Michael. “When problems arise, they’d be less inclined to end the marriage, because they have constantly been reminded of what a good thing they have.”
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