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The concept of VR is simple in notion but complex in practice—replicate an environment and enable the viewer to feel immersed in it through visual and/or audio sensory experiences. In its infancy, due to the lack of immersive 360 capture imaging devices, VR was limited to imagined or computer generated environments. These experiences, though novel, were still lacking in the realism required to feel present in the virtual space.

Virtual Reality videos are immersive video content accessed through the use of virtual reality headsets. Unlike the ordinary videos, virtual reality videos create in illusion of the user being part of the video through the rendition of 3D images. The viewing of such videos is not restricted to computer or television screens and depending on the video or the kind of content being watched, the user can also interact with the video.

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We carefully prepared our wedding budget based on our guest list count, but it happens that our parents are interested in inviting 35 mo...


Michael King-Artlook Wedding Photography
We carefully prepared our wedding budget based on our guest list count, but it happens that our parents are interested in inviting 35 more people. How should we best handle the situation?
Michael King-Artlook Wedding Photography
This could seem like a tough one, considering the fact that your parents both played an important role in the planning process and in covering the cost for your wedding. The realistic thing to do is simply to have a calm, respectful discussion with them and let them know the effect having too many guests can have on the budget and flow of the event, it doesn't matter if they are involved in caring for some financial aspects of your wedding planning process. See if they will be willing to provide the needed additional support to care for and accommodate those guests. If it occurs that they can not provide support, offer to celebrate an after wedding party together with those guests
Michael King-Artlook Wedding Photography
Is it compulsory to invite my bridesmaid's date to the rehearsal gathering if it happens that i don't know the person?
Michael King-Artlook Wedding Photography
Rehearsal gatherings normally tend to be reserved clearly for only close family members and anyone else involved in the wedding preparation process. So if your bridesmaid's date is not known by you personally, you have every right not to invite along. In some cases, even when you do know the bridesmaid's date, you are still not under obligation to invite him/her along because they are not part of the wedding preparation team. Please leave out sentiments and stick to your arrangements for a smooth wedding event.
Michael King-Artlook Wedding Photography
We prepared to have a destination wedding, and we are concerned some guests may not be able to make it to the location because of the cost. What can we do to help them save for it?
Michael King-Artlook Wedding Photography
Always ensure to provide detailed information's about the location for your wedding, travel and accommodation as soon as possible, to enable your guests plan properly and arrange for booking deals. Avoid assuming that your guests can easily access information's about the destination online and make their own arrangements. Offer to help guests locate affordable hotels for lodging, and if you can assist in transporting most of your guests to the venue or even the airport, make proper arrangements for a car or mini bus or any other possible mode of transportation to transports guests to the destination venue. And, of course,understand the fact that some may not be able to attend due to the location and their budget.
Michael King-Artlook Wedding Photography
We have some very lovely friends who weren't at our wedding party, but we really want to make a way to honor them at the wedding celebration. How can we take care of this?
Michael King-Artlook Wedding Photography
There are alot of ways to add more friends and family. You can make arrangement to have them serve as guests greeters at the wedding ceremony, share out programs, and you can save a special time just for them to give a toast. It will also be nice to have some share readings during the wedding ceremony. And if you already know one of the guests has a particular skill, maybe as a public speaker, you can invite that guests to anchor part of the program at the reception, if not all. And, as usual friends and family can hangout while you both get ready. Just stock up some extra drinks for your friends and family to enjoy and entertain themselves. Part 1 features on our Artlook Wedding Site!
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